Tuesday, February 15, 2011



Just to clarify this is a UPDATE not a POST!

The reason why I'm posting this is because I want to improve my blog. I received advice from an experienced blogger who said that I didn't really have a topic or focus for my blog.

This is true, I didn't but I'm going to change that, I have decided to dedicated this blog to books, instead of everything floating around in my head.

The topic of books might extend to talking about movies based on books that are coming out, much like I did in the last post, or just about books themselves.

I think I will be mainly talking about young adult books, probably in the Fantasy Genre (Though I'm sure I'll end up doing books of all sorts of genres! ;) This was a pretty sudden change for me and I'm not prepared for it yet.

The first few post after this, will most likely be some of my favorite books, so people can see what type of books I enjoy and what to expect from this.

If anyone has an idea (Not likely, since I have, like, one comment) on how to improve this just let me know!

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