Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day, 2011

Okay, here's the deal. . . I did NOT write this on Valentine's Day. I could say that I did but just post it until now, but that would be a pointless lie. However, Valentine's day ended roughly around 9 hours ago for me, so I'm not THAT late! ;)

What did I do yesterday, on the day of love? I was sick.

I woke up at 7:35 AM by my cell phone buzzing with a text from my mom. As thoughtful and kind as that was my only thoughts were 'Ah, I feel awful. . . I need sleep!' and 'I have to be at school in 25 min!'

The first thought over powered the second and I fell back to sleep until 8:00 AM. This time it was my dad, who thought I had been awake since 7 AM, calling to tell me that 'Two of my favorite singers are in love' My highly intelligent respond went something along the lines of "What?"

Dad then proceeded to tell me about Adam Young ((Owl City)) and Taylor Swift. The story is really sweet and I'll explain it now. (If you've already read it and wish to read about my boring life instead of famous people, then skip to the *s)


'Enchanted', a song released on Taylor Swift's latest album was supposedly written about when she meet Adam Young in New York. In this song, Swift sings of a guy (Young) whom she meet and had fallen in love with, though she never told him. She mentions how she wonders if he knows and feels the same about her. In her album book, Taylor capitalized A-D-A-M.

Taylor says that her songs are supposed to be open letters for the peoples she bases it off. I don't recall seeing anything about her ADMITTING she wrote it fro Adam Young, but it he thinks so, he would know better than me.

Young replied with his version of the song. He changed lyrics a bit to mention Taylor's name and say things like "I was enchanted to meet you too."

Though this is cute, it's the last line that really made me go 'Aweeee!'
The lyrics are "You were all of my dreams come true and I just wish you knew, Taylor I was so in love with you"

Young also included sweet letter to Taylor about their meeting.

Now, I'm a girl who is a huge fan of the fluffy lovey-dovey still, but it still made me swoon. I can only imagine how Taylor, a completely girly girl with a love for love and romantic gestures, will react.

However, Swift seems to be one of the only people who hasn't commented on this yet, at least nothing I heard.

Check the bottom of the page for the link.

Other than freaking out over Adam and Taylor, I did find a new obsession. . . TWITTER!

I made my twitter account back in 2009 and posted on it maybe nine times. However, yesterday I, for some reason, stumbled back upon it. And I loved it.

I don't see why I'm so obsessed with Twitter, I mean, I'm not famous and I only have one subscriber, but somehow posting messages and pretending people are reading them is pretty fun (Much like this blog!)

I think the reason I might have re-joined twitter is to follow Cassandra Clare. She is the author of my latest book obsession, The Mortal Instruments.

{Maybe a month ago, I emailed her and suggested she should use the word 'spiffy' in her next book. (I think it was like 2 AM at the time, and we all know nothing good happens at 2 AM)
What surprised me the most is that CASSANDRA CLARE REPLIED TO MY EMAIL! I was shocked. Cassandra Clare, a famous author had email me, a little nobody back. }

It turns out, Cassandra Clare is always on twitter and tweets with her fans. Two of my tweets mentioning her were re tweeted by her.

I also found many other fun people to follow (mainly other authors) which was strange considering that at this time I was working on my own book.

Good things did come out of twitter, for example, I learn of the chapter hunt for the first chapter of Cassandra Clare's next book, City of Fallen Angels.

So? The Basic Summary:

- I was sick and had no life on Valentine's Day

- Adam Young and Taylor Swift are adorable

- I have an unhealthy addiction to twitter

- I also have an unhealthy addiction to Cassandra Clare and her books

- I have no life and am writing a blog for myself to read.

Links! (The things I mentioned above!^_^)

Adam Young's Valentine for Taylor :

My Twitter : http://twitter.com/#!/iheartbluetoo

Cassandra Clare's Twitter : http://twitter.com/#!/cassieclare

Chapter Hunt : http://www.wondrousreads.com/2011/02/city-of-fallen-angels-chapter-hunt.html

Thank to anyone who reads this ;)

- Blue

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